Local Pizzerias Compete for Pizza Supremacy


Kiera Roux

Debate Over Local Pizzerias

Amongst Moragan pizza-fanatics, there is a big debate over 2 pizzerias just down the road from Campolindo: Mountain Mikes vs. Lamorinda Pizza.

As a chain restaurant founded in 1978, Mountain Mike’s has over 240 locations primarily on the West Coast. Many students believe that the Moraga Mountain Mike’s is better than some of the other locations. Mountain Mike’s offers indoor dining, delivery and take out, but has no outside seating.

Established in the 1990s, Lamorinda Pizza is a locally owned restaurant with only 2 locations, Alamo and Moraga. To many students, this pizzeria is better for its home cooked quality versus being a chain accessible throughout the state like Mountain Mike’s. Lamorinda Pizza’s small size allows for outdoor dine-in, takeout, or delivery, options preferred by most right now due to COVID-19.

Freshman Mia Polichio believes Lamorinda Pizza is better. “It’s a local company and I think it’s important to support local pizza shops. I personally think that thin crust pizza is good, and I think that they have good thin crust pizza,” said Polichio.

Polichio’s favorite thing to order from Lamorinda Pizza is their Hawaiian pizza: “I believe that pineapple belongs on pizza.”

Lamorinda Pizza supporter freshman Clea Lee said she likes Lamorinda Pizza because “the service is so nice, and they have much more variety, whereas Mountain Mike’s really doesn’t have many options.”

Lee prefers to stick to the classical orders of “a cheese slice or a pineapple slice.”

However, freshman Aislinn Comerford is a Mountain Mike’s fan because of the “way better crust,” and typically orders her favorite “pepperoni pizza and garlic knots.”

Former Mountain Mike’s employee junior Maddy McGhee said she prefers Mountain Mike’s because “the sauce at Mountain Mike’s is better.”

McGhee added, “I usually just get mushroom olive pizza because I think it’s really good and simple. You can’t go wrong.”

Although the debate continues, a survey on The Claw’s Instagram @thecampoclaw confirmed that the majority of Campo students prefer Lamorinda Pizza over Mountain Mike’s, a total of 69% to 31%.