Holidays Allow for Reconnection After COVID Isolation


Karina Aza

How is the holiday season going to look this year with Covid?

With COVID-19 affecting travel last year, a lot of people didn’t get to see their family over the holidays of Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, and the New Year. Now, with COVID regulations taking a step forward, people are able to celebrate with family without much worry.

Freshman Edgar Alford said, “I’m going to be seeing my family this year for Christmas on the East Coast and we’re going to be flying so they’re going to have to wear masks the whole time and stay socially distanced.”

“We got vaccinated so we can see each other safely,” added Aflord. “For Thanksgiving, I’m staying home and having some friends over, and we will keep our masks on and stay safe.”

With travel now more available as vaccination rates increase, more families are able to reconnect for the holidays.

Freshman Nolan Paul said, “For Thanksgiving and Christmas this year I’m going to see my family in Italy. It will be different because of COVID because we’re going to have to wear masks [and] be careful when we’re around other people”

Paul added, “We’re taking precautions like getting vaccinated to protect my family.”

COVID is still a threat this year, and in order to stay safe people are doing everything they can, whether it’s wearing masks or getting vaccinated.

Freshman Jack Braun is 1 of many students who cannot see the whole family during the holidays due to the virus. “It will be different because not as many family members will be able to come out, some live farther away and are uncomfortable with taking a plane flight over to the US,” said Braun.

Thanks to the rapid supply of the vaccine and new mandates that are slowing down the spread, people like these students are able to celebrate the holidays with their families at long last.