Instagram Influencers Inspire Students

Throughout all the hate and negativity circling through our community this past year, social media influencer and filmmaker Dhar Mann has inspired many students with his short videos combatting topics such as racism, bullying, and sexism.

Plot-wise, videos typically include a cast of bullies targeting individuals for their interests or things they can’t control. In the end, though, bullies are always served justice.

As an influencer on social media, this content has proven to impact the way many teens think at Campolindo. Many students have taken notice to these videos and have taken the messages to heart.

“Dhar Mann is an inspiring character,” said senior Nick Meng. “I’ve seen a lot of his videos, and it’s really interesting how they include valuable life lessons at the end of each 1. I really look up to him, Dhar Mann’s videos really make me think and be more conscious of bullying or injustice happening around me.”

Common messages include the harmful impacts of judging others by appearances and how it’s hard for bullies to get further in life.

Sophomore Owen Lloyd shared similar sentiments. “Dhar Mann’s videos spread great messages to those who watch them. It brings back people to the roots about thinking and caring for one’s feelings. Even though some of the skits are perhaps a little far-fetched, it still overall gives a positive impact on the viewers.”

Lloyd added, “These videos have inspired me to be kinder. I now think more about my actions and how they affect others, thanks to Dhar Mann.”

Especially now in these times of discrimination, Meng found these messages “important because they point to life lessons and morals that we should all follow.”

Currently, his videos are available to watch on Youtube, Instagram, and Snapchat.

“It’s really important for influencers to put out content that will positively impact teens,” Meng added. “I feel like at our age we’re very impressionable and that media covering these important social issues can have an overall positive impact on how our generation thinks and acts.”