How to Safely Celebrate Valentine’s Day


Maggie Doolittle

Sophomore Lara Heber leaves doorstep goody bags for her friends for Valentine’s Day.

In a typical year, a Campolindo Valentine’s Day would be spent with goodies taped to every locker door, courtesy of leadership; friends exchanging cute candy heart boxes and teen couples exhibiting more PDA than necessary. While these options are no longer available due to the pandemic, there are new ways to spread the holiday love without spreading the virus. Here are The Claw’s top 5 ways to spend Valentine’s Day safely with friends and romantic partners.

1. Online dates
Yes, we at The Claw are tired of staring at screens all day, too. However, it is the safest way to meet up with friends and dates without having to wear a mask or social distance. Whether it’s Zoom, FaceTime, or maybe a different platform altogether, it allows loved ones to spend time together on this special day. Some popular platforms for dates include Discord, Netflix Party, and gaming platforms like and

2. Doorstep gifts
Doorstep drop-offs express affection by not only giving a gift but also by making the other person feel great by knowing you made the trip just for them. Gifts can range from something romantic for your date to goody bags for friends. Whether the gift is for 1 person or for all your friends, it’s a great way to show someone you care.

3. Bike rides
Bike rides have been most students’ preferred outing for the pandemic. Not only is it exercise, but you can be outdoors with others safely.

Senior Alan Pierrat bikes with friends several times a week. “It’s a very safe activity… it really gets you out of the house, especially during COVID-19, I know a lot of people are facing extreme boredom and it’s definitely a good way to explore our community,” Pierrat said.

4. Drive-In movies
A favorite blast from the past is drive-in movies. While dates and friends will have to be in separate cars for safety, it allows people to share an experience together during these tough times. It’s also a great way to spend time with others without having to deal with the uncomfortable struggles of wearing a mask and social distancing.

5. Picnics
Romantic or not, picnics are a fun, yet safe, way to hang out with people. By bringing your own blanket and food and sitting more than 6 feet away from those you are with, friends are able to enjoy a meal together.

Sophomore Lara Heber has enjoyed outings such as picnics since quarantine has begun. “I like picnics because…you can be outside and still see your friends. It doesn’t necessarily have to be online and through a screen,” said Heber.