Environmental Club Updates School Garden


Maggie Doolittle

Lettuce heads grow in the Campolindo Garden.

Video Production teacher Justin Seligman and The Campolindo Environmental Club are working to remodel the Campolindo garden weekly.

“The goal is to create a sustainable student garden for use by a broad range of programs at Campolindo, including courses in Environmental Science, Photography and Art, as well as the Environmental and Poultry Club,” said Seligman.

The garden has a 5-year master plan. Currently, the club is in Phase 3 of the garden, where they complete the construction of additional beds and connect water. They are also working on a greenhouse that serves as a nursery for local school seedlings.

A typical Monday at the garden includes students digging, raking and planting, and running wheelbarrows. The club is working on the paths and spreading mulch and tending their winter crops.

Senior ASB Commissioner of Sustainability Alyssa Levy has been working with the garden since late fall. Levy has helped with watering the fruit trees, shoveling mulch, planting in the planter boxes, and helping clear bushes from the hillside.

“I was inspired to help work out in the garden because I helped out a little but with my APES teachers [Mr. Kauzer and Mrs. Kelson] last school year,” said Levy.

Right now the garden’s main project is getting a fence in the garden to have goats come in. Typically, the goats that visit the garden are free-range inside and eat the weeds, but “plants that were planted a month ago are now growing and thriving” said Levy.

The garden has many more plans for the future and all students are welcome to come to help out.