Best Spots in Moraga to View Christmas Lights

Extravagant lights displaying holiday cheer are placed throughout Moraga!

Every year, families all over Moraga decorate their homes with decorations and lights, sharing holiday cheer with the whole neighborhood. A common pastime is driving through these neighborhoods at night, admiring others’ festive works on their front lawn with a cup of hot chocolate and popcorn. However, it can be challenging to find such glorious streets. This year, La Puma will be cutting your search short: here are the most festive Moraga streets of 2020.

Hetfield Place
This street will make you do a double-take. From dinosaurs to over-twenty-feet-tall Rudolph and Santa, this is a street you won’t want to miss.

Whitethorn Drive
This cute street seemingly has a love for Frosty the Snowman and Santa Claus, as these timeless characters are featured on many blow-ups. The lights and festive figures make this a perfect street to drive down at night.

Freitas Drive
This street has a delightful atmosphere, with a mix of lights and figures to look at. One of the best parts is the festive unicorn figures!

Hodges Drive
The decorations on this street are charming and perfect for viewing during a nighttime stroll. With lots of colorful lights, it’ll be sure to bring holiday cheer.

Duarte Court
This court is sure to make you smile as you drive in because you’re greeted by a blow-up Santa with a countdown clock to Christmas. As you drive in, there are more figures on lawns with Christmas lights decorating most of the houses.

Several streets in Moraga are longer than most, and only every other house is decorated. However, those that are decorated are worth visiting, as they go all out for the holidays. Here are the best long streets to visit this holiday season:

Rimer Drive
While Rimer Drive may not blow you away immediately, the further down this street you go, the more fantastically lit the houses are. This is the greatest long street to meander down with a cup of hot chocolate, admiring the decorations.

Sanders Drive
This street has several well-lit homes with cute figurines. It’s another nice street to bring the family sight-seeing on a cold winter night.

Shuey Drive
The lights are well done on this street and are sure to instill the holiday spirit. A favorite on this street is Santa’s sleigh made of lights.

Deerfield Drive and Stonefield Place
Possibly the most interesting decorations in Moraga are on these streets. Besides being well decorated, it has become a tradition on these streets to put out paper bags with tea candles inside, lining the streets. The candles are put out on Christmas Eve and left out for several days after Christmas.

Sophomore Lara Heber admired the luminaries and said, “My family and I drive around in our car or take a walk looking at all the different decorations and lights, it has become a tradition. It’s pretty amazing how everyone on the street gathers to put [candles out], filling in the gaps of neighbors on vacation and creating a festive and fun atmosphere.”