Calligraphy Club Joins Youth Arts Movement

The Calligraphy Club became an official chapter of the Youth Arts Movement (YAM), a non-profit organization that hosts virtual galleries where artwork can be submitted and organizes seminars with professional artists.

YAM, started by students at Saratoga High School, also spreads the word about artistic opportunities in the local area.

“The Youth Arts Movement aims to provide a network of people and events that can help us expand our club,” said co-president of the club senior Justine Ellery.

Several other schools’ creative clubs are chapters, allowing the Calligraphy Club to have access to numerous resources.

“As a chapter, we also have the benefit of their funding programs and support. If we arrange a plan for a project that needs funding, they will have our backs and help us raise the money we need,” said Ellery.

In return, the club publicizes other chapters that are a part of YAM, making other clubs’ big events known to Campolindo students.

To make sure the whole club was involved with the decision to join, the club members took a vote. Freshman Sonam Mangu voted for the club to become a chapter. “Calligraphy Club will gain a source of communication from YAM because we can indirectly see what other people are doing at home through their art,” said Mangu.

“Calligraphy is both a way to write and a form of art, so I think that the Calligraphy Club will be able to communicate with other people through any calligraphy art pieces that anyone decides to post onto the YAM website,” added Mangu.

Co-president senior Maggie Buckley hopes the club will continue as a chapter in future years. “YAM is going to be a good resource for our club to continue past Justine and I’s graduation [in] May, in addition to helping us with art supplies we were unable to obtain from parent club donations.”