Seniors Go to Extremes to Take Standardized Tests

With many COVID-19 regulations inhibiting students’ abilities to take SAT/ACT tests at local testing sites, some Campolindo students have gotten creative in how they can earn themselves a score during the pandemic.

Senior Caroline Sween traveled to Twin Falls, Idaho and Bozeman, Montana to take both an SAT and subject test. “I think it was worth it to go take the test because I’ve been prepping for so long, and it’s nice to have that work pay off, and also it will hopefully help with my college admissions. It was also just a fun little trip, and I got to see new parts of the country,” said Sween.

Although most universities have gone test-optional for the senior-applicants of 2020–meaning that applicants will not be penalized for not submitting a score on their application–many students still feel obligated to test anyways.

Senior Ainsley Woodford has seen 6 cancellations and has still been unable to take an ACT. Woodford is signed up for a test in Los Angeles. In spite of the test-optional warranties of most colleges, Woodford wanted to take a test anyways, as “this is the 1st year that it is being implemented.”

“There have been many uncertainties, and I believe that if I was able to take the test then some of that uncertainty could go away. I think I should take it because it can only help your chances of getting into the universities,” said Woodford.

“I’m definitely relieved that I’ve been able to take both the SAT and subject tests because it makes the college app process a little bit more normal, and I don’t have to worry about if I will be negatively impacted because I didn’t take a test and other applicants did,” said Sween.

Campolindo is holding an SAT specifically for seniors who haven’t been able to find a testing center yet on October 14. Woodford is signed up to take the SAT at Campo, even though the test she has prepped for is the ACT.

“Campo parents along with our testing coordinator worked hard to secure this date, and I am very grateful to them for making it possible,” said attendance technician and veteran proctor Stephanie Sliwinski.

“It was very stressful trying to find places where the SAT was open,” said senior Olivia Knutson, who is currently signed up to take the SAT at Campo. Knuston was relieved that Campo offered a test for their seniors.

“Hopefully this opportunity will be a relief at least to the Campo seniors, who a week ago had very few other options,” said Sliwinski.