Birthday Activities for Pandemic Protocols

Celebrating a birthday while social distancing isn’t ideal, but as evidenced by a recent Covid outbreak as a result of a teen pool party, it is still necessary. Though physical celebratory gatherings should not be happening anytime soon, there are plenty of safe activities available in order to spend quality virtual time with friends. Here are La Puma’s top ways to celebrate birthdays in quarantine:

5. Virtual museum tour. Many museums have now opened up virtual tours for the public. You can now see the British Museum in London, The Louvre in Paris, and the Vatican Museum in Vatican City. What is a better birthday gift than learning?

4. Send gifts or food. Although giving a gift in-person would be much better, giving/receiving an Amazon package with a heartfelt customized message or a favorite meal via DoorDash sounds like a pretty good alternative.

3. Netflix party. Watching Netflix with friends is still a great social opportunity. To enhance the experience, everyone can grab some popcorn and their favorite candy! To watch with friends, just download the free “Netflix Party” Chrome extension.

2. Zoom party. If you’re still itching for more interaction, try having a virtual birthday party over Zoom. A tip to make the gathering a bit more interesting: everyone can make the same dish or snack to enjoy.

1. Bake. Baking a cake or a batch of cookies is 1 of the easiest and most thoughtful ways to wish someone a happy birthday. Just make sure when baking, you wear a mask. With delivery, also be sure to stay 6 feet apart.