Staying Healthy under Pandemic Lockdown

Nicole Kennedy, Opinion Editor

Although spring sports are suspended and local gyms are closed because of the ongoing shelter-in-place mandate in response to the COVID-19 outbreak, this doesn’t mean all hopes are lost for “beach-ready” bodies come summer. It’s important to find ways to stay healthy and in shape during the long weeks of social distancing. Physical activity and a commitment to nutrition can make these otherwise tedious days and weeks of isolation bearable, and keep students prepared for if and when after-school sports resume and the sandy beaches of the California coastline are reopened.

Here’s my advice for maintaining your physique during the quarantine:

1. Do as cross country kids do: Cross country runners are definitely thriving during this break from school, and it’s not too late for the rest of us to catch up with them. If there’s 1 thing abundant in Moraga, it’s roads upon roads with scenery and blue skies. Get your AirPods (sorry Kylie!), find a playlist, and start running. Burning calories during the day will also alleviate the pressure to avoid all of those snacks constantly within reach as you spend the rest of the day sequestered at home. Just be sure to give yourself, and others with whom you share the sidewalks, ample personal space!

2. Turn your garage into 24-hour Fitness. The local gym being closed isn’t an excuse to let ourselves go. We live in a world where hours of workouts and exercise classes are accessible via Youtube, Instagram, and other apps. Find some space in your house and try out different exercises until you find 1 that gets your heart pumping. There is a plethora of core and strengthening exercises that are easy to do right from the comfort of your own home. Don’t have weights? Don’t sweat, Amazon Prime is still alive and well – and there are tons of exercises you can do without them!

3. Stop baking, start making healthy choices: Maybe instead of baking cookies and cakes in your effort to escape boredom, you could try making seasonal salads, taking time in the morning to create nutritional breakfasts, and experimenting with smoothie creations. La Puma Adviser Mr. Woolridge likes blending cucumber, carrot, kale, spinach, mint, ginger and fozen mangos with a little apple juice. We all have a choice when we decide to make something in the kitchen.

4. Buy smart: Just about the last business left to frequent in Moraga is Safeway. When shopping for groceries, avoid sugary cereals, carb-heavy snack foods, and other temptations that will have you binging at midnight. While there may be a scarcity of toilet paper, there sure is a lot of produce at Safeway.  Celery and peanut butter anyone?

5. Watch food documentaries: An easy way to educate yourself about eating healthy while also staying entertained is going on your streaming service and finding a show that explores nutrition. It’s a good way to find healthy recipes and get yourself eating better. Some good shows are Salt Fat Acid Heat (Netflix), Chef’s Table (Netflix), or Parts Unknown (Hulu).