Keys for Cutting out 2nd-Semester Coasting

Nicole Kennedy, Opinon Editor

As the 1st semester wraps up, students often feel like they have reached the summit of their school year.  There is a notion that the 2nd semester is an opportunity to coast down-hill to summer.  This “coasting” to the finish can result in an unfortunate decline in academic performance.

Yet even for our “2nd-semester” seniors, who can see the light at the end of the tunnel better than others, it is important that they maintain the same drive and time management skills they exhibited at the beginning of the year.

Here are La Puma’s tips for having a successful 2nd semester.

1. Cut out cutting class. This 1 can snowball quickly. It starts out with just missing 1st period, but soon, you find yourself in your bed all day watching Criminal Minds as your make-up work piles higher and higher. Do yourself a solid and keep your truancy to a minimum; your grades will thank you in June. Going to class will keep you prepared for tests and up to speed with all your work. Plus, it’s the law.

2. Academy is a lifesaver. Missed a test because you got Coronavirus? Don’t sweat it. Academy periods allow you to make up the work. Instead of spending time shopping online or texting with friends, you actually need to get work done during academy.

3. Put your hand in the air like you actually care. Class participation actually keeps you awake, and helps you retain information.  It also makes a positive impression on your teacher, which may work in your favor should you end up in that grey area between a B+ and an A-.

4. Get off Tik Tok. Stay strong this semester by keeping the social media to a minimum. Delete distracting apps and put your phone in another room when you are doing homework.  Avoiding cyberspace makes study time more efficient and effective.

5. Keep your eye on the prize. Setting academic goals in critical for maintaining long-term motivation. This could be a certain GPA, a diploma, or a college acceptance. The future version of yourself will be thankful that you kept up your efforts through the end.