Staying Home Tops Winter Break List


Sheila Teker, Staff Writer

As school begins after the lengthy winter break, the halls are abuzz with conversations between students about their respective off-campus adventures.

Here are the top 5 destinations for winter relaxation prior to the 2nd-semester haul.

5. Europe. Several students, such as junior Marit Ullrich, journeyed through Scotland, England, and France “to see historical landmarks and look at colleges.” Other common activities included building upon the historical knowledge learned in AP European History and AP Art History, visiting museums, and exploring new cultures.

4.  Hawaii. To escape the winter weather, some fled to the islands of Hawaii. As sophomore Natalie Zinman said, she traveled to Kauai “for fun, warm weather.” The islands’ various activities, such as trying new foods, scuba diving, snorkeling, and exploring the culture, make it an appealing destination.

3. Around the Bay Area. Many, like junior Leila Stoll, took advantage of the break to explore a little closer to home. “There are cool restaurants and hikes in our area,” said Stoll. San Francisco, especially  Pier 39 and Union Square, were top destinations for students during Christmas and New Year’s celebrations.

2. Lake Tahoe. 1 of the most popular winter locations, it is especially well-known for it’s ski slopes. For those like freshman Evan Velek, this has become a tradition: “We have skied there ever since I was 1.” Others, like senior Jordan Jackson, traveled there to go off-roading. Freshman Becket Erickson said that he went to Tahoe to go snowboarding.

1. “Nowhere”. There’s nothing like home sweet home! This was the most popular destination over break for a variety of reasons. Sophomore Crystal Zhang, for example, initially had plans to travel, but her family “decided not to go.” Zhang said, “I stayed at home because I had to prep a lot of presents, and we had a lot of people come over for dinner.” Hence, for many, entertainment and company came to them. Although it has a negative connotation, we can still be grateful to have the privilege of spending our holidays in a cozy home surrounded by those which care for us.