Club Helps Elementary Build Library


Maggie Doolittle, Staff Writer

Sophomore Book Club president Maia Drasin partnered with Access to Books Bay Area, to host a book drive during the month of October.

Access to Books Bay Area is an organization that donates books to children in need and builds libraries for schools without them. Drasin has volunteered for Access to Books Bay Area in the past.

“I heard that they didn’t have anyone to do the book drive,” said Drasin. “So I thought sure, that might be a good idea.”

The books will be distributed to elementary school students at Los Robles Elementary, who, according to Drasin, “live at or below the poverty line” in East Palo Alto.

In addition to the drive, Drasin and other volunteers will work with Access to Books Bay Area to build a library for the school, beginning in November .

This book drive has the potential to help the kids with reading, as well as give them more reading options. “I’m glad to be able to help someone,” Drasin said.

According to librarian Sarah Morgan, “[Reading] is important because reading books can give them new ideas and open up their minds to new ideas.”

“The importance [of having a library] is that they have access to knowledge,” said Morgan.

Book Club officer sophomore Erin Koziel said, “It’s giving [the students] just a chance to read. It’s so nice when you’re younger to just have books and have access to them.”

“I think that if you don’t learn to read as a kid, you’re never going to love reading or be good at reading,” said Drasin.