New “Confessions” Account Includes Critical Commentary


Mia Jay, Staff Writer

A “Campo Confessions Instagram” was created last month as a public forum for Campolindo students.

The anonymous owner of the account said the account was “for students to air grievances and discuss opinions about Campo. I think it’s interesting to hear varying perspectives from the school community.”

Some of the “confessions” posted on the site are positive, attempting to bring more attention to aspects of campus that are regarded as underrated. For example, one student wished to give a shout out to a particular teacher they believed deserves more credit for her teaching abilities and kindness towards students.

However, there have also been negative posts that include complaints about specific teachers and complaints about the amount of attention afforded certain campus groups.

While previous accounts like this one have been shut down for their content, Campo Confessions has been going strong for almost a month.

“I don’t think the Instagram will be taken down unless there is something harmful said. As long as it’s not harmful to any other students, then I think anything posted is fine,” said sophomore Chelsea Socher.