Silent Disco Highlights Senior Ball


Mindy Luo, Staff Writer

Amidst the rain, seniors attended a “Bon-Voyage” themed Senior Ball held at Bentley Reserve on May 18.

The event was organized by senior members of Leadership. “It was kind of all the senior class officers’ ideas. We wanted an original theme so that’s what we came up with,” said ASB president Katie Claire.

In dry conditions, the traditional location for pre-event photos is the Moraga Commons. Due to the rain, most students used St. Mary’s College as an alternative.

“It was so muddy at the Commons,” said Claire. “It definitely was weird not being at the Commons and out in the cold.”

The students then traveled via bus to Bentley Reserve, which was decked out in pink and black. Volunteer parents, like Zuny Ramos and Bonnie Kim, created the decorations and baked goods.

“I liked the venue they chose for Ball. The chocolate fountain there was kind of cool. It was pretty great,” said senior Aman Malhotra.

Most agreed that the highlight of the night was the “silent disco” dance, where students were given wireless headphones that played music on different channels.

“Each channel had a color so you would know who else was on the same channel as you. It would be super funny because if a song that everyone liked was on one channel, everyone would be like, ‘turn to red! turn to red!’ Since it was actually really quiet if you took off your headphones and looked around at everyone just dancing in silence, it looked so strange,” said Claire.

“When I walked into the room of people dancing, I was so weirded out because I just saw a bunch of people just jamming out to no music. It took a minute to get past it and it was really fun once you joined in,” said sophomore Sy Anderson.

While most enjoyed the dancing, some were critical of other aspects of the event. “There wasn’t much else to do besides dancing, which was a little disappointing and the food wasn’t that great, but it was still a lot of fun and basically what I imagined Ball to be like,” said senior Carissa Zhu.

“It exceeded my expectations. Last year, I didn’t have that much fun at Prom, but Ball was so much fun. I thought it was 1 of the best school events I went to,” said Claire.