Same Owners, New Vegan Offerings at Baagan


The New Dehli Bistro in Rheem has been replaced by Baagan, a vegan restaurant that focuses on using whole, vegan, plant-based ingredients.  The new eatery, which is owned and operated by the same family that started the New Dehli Bistro, held its grand opening in April.

The menu, though somewhat modest, features mostly vegan burgers, along with a variety of vegan desserts, breads, and snacks.

Restaurant co-owner Dina Asna said, “My husband and I ran New Delhi Bistro and he was a vegetarian and he didn’t feel like selling meats anymore so that was a big part. I was working with Baagan in San Ramon which has been in business for 8 years and I was working with them because I really liked the product,” she said. “I’m always vegetarian and mostly vegan so I thought this would be a good addition to Moraga.”

They also had a lot of requests from Moraga residents for healthier options. “50% of people would come in asking for vegan or gluten-free options and they also wanted something healthy. A lot of people come in because their doctors told them to be on a plant-based diet,” said Asna.

Instagram “foodie” senior Kayla Coane said, “Its really nice to see Moraga adding vegan options! It’s super convenient too in Rheem.”

Senior Lillian Schnurr, who is a vegetarian, is grateful for more meatless options so close to campus. “It’s really yummy, and I like to go right after school to get lunch. I definitely recommend it!”

“I like to see people coming in to enjoy this food because we are working very hard,” said Asna.