New Club Offers Activities for Novice Artists


Nicole Kennedy, Staff Writer

Sophomore co-presidents and founders Maggie Buckley and Justine Ellery have recently formed the Stationary Club, in which students are invited to learn calligraphy and other relaxing, expressive forms of art in a group setting.

The pair was inspired by Mini Club day to organize their activity and are grateful that the Leadership class provided more opportunities to establish clubs later in the year.

Buckley decided to form her club because she enjoys calligraphy and received a lot of positive encouragement from her friends. “I also feel passion for stuff of that array, and wanted to bring it to Campo,” she said.

Sophomore club member Molly Mitchell is “very excited” for this club to start holding meetings because she thinks Buckley and Ellery are talented artists and teachers. “I am not an artistic person but that’s the great thing about Stationary Club. Anyone can join and learn,” she said.

Buckley emphasized that no previous training or classes in art are required, making her club accessible to everyone. Most of the club’s members are female, but the leaders want to attract a larger audience. “I thought this club would not only be a way to bring a hobby of mine to school but an opportunity to meet new people,” she said.

Sophomore Katie Stephens attended the 1st meeting and thought it was well-structured. “This club is a good idea and I am looking forward for more meetings and to get drawing and working,” she said.

Ellery and Buckley plan to host several workshop academies and even sell their art in fundraising events. “I want to make this legit, unlike some other clubs that never get followed up on,” said Buckley. She plans to sell their art to teachers and students, and she hopes that parents or other community members will make purchases.

“The money from our drawings will go to buy more pens and utensils for the club, and I am planning on creating a non-profit sort of thing for underprivileged schools without pens,” said Buckley.