Red Cross Fundraiser Aids Fire Victims

Gracie Woidat, Staff Writer

The Red Cross club is planning a candy-cane-gram fundraiser to aid victims of recent wildfires.  The candy canes will be sold in the quad on December 14 and 17 and delivered to classes on December 19.

Candy-cane grams will give students an opportunity to write their friends a holiday message. Proceeds will then be provided to the Red Cross for use in that organizations efforts to provide help to fire victims.

“Helping the Campfire victims was definitely high on our list of things we wanted to do [with the club], due to how tragic its been and how much people have lost from the fire,” said club treasurer junior Madeline Landau.

“I’m really excited for our candy cane fundraiser, and I think it will be successful because, well, who doesn’t love candy canes!” said vice-president sophomore Sophie Webster. “Hopefully it will make a difference for the fire victims.”

“It’s for a really good cause, which will hopefully bring people together,” added Landau.

According to club president junior Emma Smith, the club also hopes to revive the activity of the Red Cross Club by encouraging more of the school community to get involved in fundraising events like the candy-gram.

“Red Cross has been at Campo for quite a while but last year it kind of died, so I wanted to restart it and give it a new meaning,” said Smith. “I think Red Cross is a really great organization, so I would like to do more fundraising and volunteering that would get more people involved.”

In the future, the Red Cross Club plans on joining with the Leadership class for a blood drive, in addition to teaching students basic first aid skills.