New Club Targets Student Stress


Gracie Woidat, Staff Writer

The Stress Relief Club made it their mission to welcome and relax students during their 1st meeting on November 14. The club met in room E7, where students spent their lunch mingling, enjoying snacks, and relieving their stress through therapeutic coloring. 

“High school can be a very stressful experience, and our goal is to have an outlet for people who are feeling like they just need a break,” said club co-president sophomore Sophie Webster. Webster plans on offering coloring and yoga at future meetings.

The 1st meeting’s attendance pleasantly surprised Webster and her co-president, sophomore Erika Riedel. According to Webster, she “didn’t think anyone would come,” so she was excited to see a variety of students enjoying the club’s offerings.

“I’m especially happy to see freshmen here because it makes me feel like I’ve reached out to the entire Campo community,” said Webster.

The effort appeared to have worked, as club-goers reported that they felt less stressed after the meeting. “This sounds crazy but I honestly felt the relaxed vibe as soon as I walked through the door, and all of my troubles just fell away,” said sophomore Ellie Olsen.

“I think the stress relief club will really help people out because there’s so many things to do, like coloring or just chilling out eating food,” agreed sophomore Sydney Roberts.

The club advisor, Jake Donohoe, said she had her own reasons for giving the club her blessing. “I always hear kids complaining about how stressed they are, so I think a club like this definitely has a place here at Campo,” she said.

According to Webster, the club is planning on meeting every 3 weeks.