Club Sends Well Wishes to Ill Children


Mia Jay, Staff Writer

The Health Occupant Students of America (HOSA) club sent cards to patients at the UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital in Oakland on November 9. The cards were made in club adviser Roxanna Jackman’s classroom, G2, during lunch.

“I think it was a really good thing to do for the children. It’s something that was fun to do and I hope it made someone’s day,” said senior Rachel Szymanski, who attended the event.

HOSA club is a career-oriented club, focusing on activities related to the health profession. “I thought of making cards for the children’s hospital because they are always looking for people to make cards and it would be a good chance to get involved in the health community and just branch out,” said HOSA club president Carissa Zhu.

The card-writing session was open to all students and attendees were encourages to bring art supplies. While creativity was encouraged, there were also a few guidelines for making the cards in an effort to avoid reminding the recipients of their terminal prognoses.

“Usually when you think of a card going to a hospital, it’s a get well card, but since these children are terminally ill, you want to stay away from the whole prospect of saying get better soon or get well soon because that’s kind of reminding them of their illness. Instead, you want to focus on little positives like have a great day today,” said Zhu

While the members were making cards, the club leaders presented several medical community service opportunities. They included 1 at UCSF Benioff Hospital, where the cards were to be delivered.

Jackson said, “Of all of the clubs that I am the club adviser for, they are a very organized group, and I’m really excited for them.”