Bracelet Trend Harmless Diversion


Amanda Young, Business Editor

Though friendship bracelets are traditionally summer camp mementos, students at Campolindo have taken up the trend in the last several weeks. They can be seen with strings of colorful thread attached to their Hydroflasks and water bottles, carrying the bracelets-in-making from class to class.

“In some of my classes, some of my friends have been [making bracelets],” said sophomore Natalie Ung. “I think people have just started posting pictures with cool friendship bracelets on social media, and then people have sort of picked it back up. You can Google friendship bracelet patterns online, and then you figure out how to make them.”

Sophomore Ainsley Woodford said she sees a lot of students working on the bracelets during class. “It’s relaxing, and it’s a good way to express creativity,” she said.

English teacher Erin Cody has seen an uptick in bracelet making, “Not necessarily during instruction time, but definitely during transition time or before class or after class.”

Ung admitted that she has helped one of her instructors learn how to make the bracelets.

“For some people, it might be a distraction, but for me, it’s not,” Ung said of her hobby.

“Personally, I know you can’t multitask, but I think I can do both [classwork and make bracelets] at the same time and make sure I’m paying attention,” agreed Woodford.

Cody said she doesn’t mind that students are making bracelets as long as it doesn’t interfere with class work. As soon as she sees it distracting students she tells them to put it away.

“I don’t think it’s that big of an issue at all. Even if they’re working on bracelets, they do it before or after instruction time and they put it away when we get to work. I usually don’t have to say anything. If they’re done with work and have nothing else to do, I have no problem with them doing it,” Cody added.