New Club Emphasizes Israel Trip

Samuel Ganten, Business Editor

The Jewish Students’ Union (JSU) is a newly formed campus club where people of the Jewish faith can gather for social or religious purposes. The club also welcomes members who are not themselves Jewish.

“I wanted to create a space for Jews and non-Jews to gather,” said co-club president Nathan Links.

The club acts in collaboration with the National Conference of Synagogue Youth (NCSY), a group dedicated to helping teens develop a Jewish identity.

“We collaborated easily because we’ve known each other for a long time,” said Rabbi and NCSY representative Akiva Naiman. “Link’s family goes to my synagogue.”

Naiman said the program’s goal is to create a discussion space for and about Judaism and to help Jewish teens visit Israel. Because Israel is a sacred place in the Jewish religion, Naiman emphasized the importance of the 2nd goal.

“The 2nd goal is the most important goal,” said Naiman. “Going to Israel helps one to develop their spiritual identity.”

Junior Max Schultz said, “Being around people with a common interest is relaxing. It offers a different perspective on Judaism because, for my entire life, Judaism has been given to me through Sunday school or a Rabbi.”