Grilled Cheese Girl Earns Following


Layla Wright and Madeleine Singh

Known to the restaurant community as the “Grilled Cheese Girl,”  junior Kellen Kvech made a name for herself on Instagram (@grilledcheesemama) with grilled cheese reviews. Now, she sells online merchandise to her fans at Campolindo.

“I’m a really big fan of grilled cheeses and I’ve always loved them, and I was in Tahoe and I just said ‘It’s time,'” Kvech said.

Kvech  posted her first Instagram grilled cheese review at Smokey’s Kitchen, giving the sandwich a rating of 6.5 out of 10. According to Kvech, the sandwich was nothing special.

Since then, she has reviewed 13 more grilled cheeses, and gained 190 followers. She keeps her fans on their toes by posting often and frequently replying to comments she receives.

Kvech assesses her sandwiches by considering a variety of factors: cheese-to-bread ratio, moisture, the toastiness of the bread, meltedness of the cheese, and overall taste. “French fries are also a big factor,” she added.

Kvech thinks that her original content is the reason for her popularity. “[The content is] all mine. All original pictures, no edits. Gotta be raw with the grilled cheese,” she said.

Kvech has introduced merchandise such as t-shirts and stickers. Students around Campolindo have already been spotted with “@grilledcheesemama” stickers on their phones and water bottles.

However, when administration discovered @grilledcheesemama stickers posted on campus, she found she had a problem. “I got an email from Kauzer, who had heard from Drury, that basically said ‘Don’t stick the stickers on painted surfaces’ because it was like, ruining the paint, so, everyone should stop doing that,” said Kvech.

Despite the drama, Kvech’s teachers and peers support her passion. “I think Kellen is hilarious,” said teacher Tren Kauzer. “If I had an Instagram, I’d follow @grilledcheesemama,” he added.

“I love @grilledcheesemama because it’s extremely informative for anyone looking to purchase a grilled cheese locally,” said junior Lila Chatterton. “I also had the honor of making Kellen a grilled cheese a few weeks ago at my house. She rated it an 8.5/10, which was rewarding considering her status as a ‘food critic.'”

Her appreciation for food is what compels her to continue creating content, and she wants to spread this appreciation to more people through her account. As a bonus, Kvech said, “I hope to go places where they’ll be like ‘That’s @grilledcheesemama!’ and then they’ll give me free grilled cheese.”

Sure enough, Kvech presence is known in Lamorinda’s restaurant community. “She’s known as the Grilled Cheese girl,” said Victor Ivry, co-owner of American Kitchen restaurant. “When she calls, I know the phone number, I know it on my cell phone and on the restaurant phone, and I just say ‘Grilled cheese and fries? Yep? Ok, be here in 5.'”

Kvech has yet to find the perfect, 10 out of 10 grilled cheese. “The best grilled cheese I’ve had is, hands down, American Kitchen,” she said. “They make great grilled cheeses, 9.5 out of 10, but I’m still searching for the perfect one.”

Another restaurant, The Hideout, also tagged her on one of their Instagram posts. However, Kvech was disappointed by her experience there. When she arrived for a sandwich, she was declined because “they ‘Don’t serve grilled cheeses at dinner’, so I don’t know how reputable of a restaurant they are, because that’s ridiculous,” said Kvech.

In the meantime, she looks forward to trying new restaurants and creating new merchandise, all while spreading her love for grilled cheese. Those who wish to keep up with Kvech can follow her Instagram, @grilledcheesemama, where she will continue to rate sandwiches.