Egg Prank Celebrates Comic Icon

Kyle Flett, Staff Writer

This year’s Easter holiday brought a unique Monday morning surprise as a trio of students placed 250 eggs filled with pictures of actor Danny DeVito throughout camps the previous evening.

“We love Danny DeVito and we think he’s a great icon,” said senior Liv Slaby.

DeVito is best known to high school students for his role as Frank Reynolds in the TV show It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. According to Slaby, she heard about pictures of the actor being hung up on college campuses, and proposed the idea to seniors Michael DaRodda, Katie Nunn and Christina Ungermann.

“Michael suggested we put the pictures in Easter eggs,” added Slaby.

Eggs were themed with tropes such as Danny “DoRito,” featuring Devito as the popular nacho chip, and DeVito surrounded by bunnies.

“It’s just for fun,” said DaRodda. “Each of us just chose 4 pictures, so there are 12 different pictures overall.”

Whether familiar or not with the television and film star, or the reason why their peers place the eggs around campus, some students enjoyed the diversion.

Sophomore Teddy Buckley said, “I’ve opened about 17 eggs. I didn’t really know why they were there, I just wanted to see all the different pictures.”

Buckley did not keep his treasure however. “I thought it was funny, so I left the eggs where I found them so other people could look at them later.”

The Campolindo administration declined to comment about the eggs.