Architecture Inspires Simple, Elegant Art


Elle Esquer , Staff Writer

Senior Jaime Brown has established herself as a photographer with a unique theme, a stationary muse, and a common filter.

While Brown admitted that she originally only took her 1st photography class at Campolindo in order “to fulfill the art requirement,” she has continued to develop her skills and is now a member of the Advanced Placement Photo course.

Part of what makes Brown’s work stand is a monochrome theme. According to Brown, she depends on setting up her photos through the lens of the camera, not with the use of post production software. Once she snaps the shutter, the image is unchanged. Brown said that her style is “elegant and sophisticated, simplistic and modern,” as well as “structured.”

Brown is currently is taking architecture pictures in black and white, producing more “striking” pictures where people “can see the lines” more. Brown enjoys the “lines, right angles, and just like the look” of her current subject matter.

With a mother who is interested in photography, Brown developed her own passion for capturing static images at a young age. According to Brown, her friends are also avid photographers and travel to abandoned towns just to take pictures.

Photography instructor Colette Sweeney said that Brown is “exceptionally artistic.”

“Brown’s style [is] a particular personal style. She shoots, for example, all black and white, with an emphasis on structure, form, and composition. Her subject matter is grand because she chooses to photograph large architectural structures such as bridges, tunnels, and large buildings,” Sweeney said. “”She’s strengthened her personal sense of style and has become more sophisticated in her image making.”

Brown said her growth as a photographer includes gaining a better understanding of how her camera operate, including functions and shutter speeds and “whatnot.” She added that she’s also improved “finding balance and composition.”

According to Sweeney, Brown received an award for 1st place last year in at the high school visual arts competition at the Orinda Library. The event, hosted by the Lamorinda Arts Council, displayed art from 200 students from 7 schools.

Brown would like to continue taking photos as a hobby in college, major in Photo Media, and possibly by a photographer for advertising.