Spring Musical Features Two Casts

Annette Ungermann, Staff Writer

Choir is currently preparing for The Beauty and the Beast, which is scheduled to run March 17-19 and March 24-26. The two casts, “Mirror” and “Rose”, will perform on alternate dates.

A newcomer to theatrical performance, senior Sabrina Gottlieb will play Belle in the Mirror cast.

“I have never been in any musical before, but I saw West Side Story last year, and I was like, ‘There’s no way I can’t do this’. I just wanted to be in it, but I got Belle, so I was super excited,” said Gottlieb.

“It’s a lot memorizing the lines, but it’s a lot easier than I thought because I’m super into it. When people are into the rehearsals, the acting becomes a lot easier,” Gottlieb explained.

“I’m blessed to have this experience, I’ve made a lot of new friends. It’s a new environment, so it’s definitely different, and I really like it,” said Gottlieb.

The show relies heavily on ensemble-heavy numbers, such as “Belle,” “Gaston,” and “Be Our Guest.”

“Usually at this time, it’s like, the weekend before- the two-week mark is kind of crunch time. That’s when people start realizing, like ‘oh, this performance is coming up, and we need to get our stuff together,’ so we’re just in the process of just pulling everything together right now,” said Sophomore Will Grubbs, who plays the Beast in the Rose cast.

Grubbs was the lead in West Side Story lasts year. He is excited to have the opportunity to take on a new role this year as the mysterious Beast. “I really enjoy getting to experiment with this character and his personality,” said Grubbs.