New Staff Fill Key Vacancies


Kyle Flett, Staff Writer

“We have a great collection of new staff members this year,” said principle John Walker.  They include associate principal Jon Drury, technical director Patty Purvis-Thielman, budget manager Trish Stuber, English instructor Matt Ridenour, wood tech instructor Barry Weiss, science instructor Katrina Halle, and special education instructors Kelly Taylor, Cheryl Stanton, Shannon Rogers and Chad Pettigrew.

Jon Drury has taken on the role as Campolindo’s associate principal, replacing Erin Pope, who was transferred to Miramonte. Drury previously worked as a high school social studies teacher and administrator in Arizona before moving to the area with his family. “I’d like to make Campo a positive experience for students. I know there is a lot of stress on campus and if there is any way I can alleviate that stress that would be a very good goal to accomplish,” said Drury.

“I’m anxious to meet more students and to get more students involved in the woodshop,” said Barry Weiss, who is succeeding the recently retired Don Dupont. “I love wood working and I love working with students.” Weiss has worked in the furniture and woodworking field for over 30 years and is excited to share his love of the craft with students. He believes that “things that you learn in here are going to come in handy, such as fixing furniture in a college dorm.” He wants to teach students skills they can use even if they don’t become professional wood workers.

English teacher Matt Ridenour returns to Campolindo after 7 years at Las Lomas to replace Tina Mayer who retired last year. “I really like how motivated the students are here,” said Ridenour. He said he was nervous when switching schools, but was surprised by how easy the transition was.  “I’m really glad how easy the environment was,” he said.

Kelly Taylor, Cheryl Stanton, Shannon Rogers and Chad Pettigrew are new additions to Campolindo’s special education department. Taylor and Stanton are instructional assistants in a handful of learning center classes, while also spending time assisting in Tom Renno and Erin Cody’s classes. Rogers is also filling the role of athletic director, a position previously held by Renno.

“I’m very excited to be on campus and be a part of the high school community,” said Stanton. “I’m very committed to seeing the young people of the future.” She added that the Special Ed department is committed to ensuring students’ success on campus and to prepared them for post-high school life.

“Every one of our [new] teachers brings new ideas about how to deliver the curriculum,” said Walker. “They bring new perspectives and a wide range of experience.”