Civil War Worthy of Popularity

Kate Ginley, Opinion Editor

The most recent installment in the Avenger movie franchise series, Civil War, serves as a filler movie to set up future story lines for new characters like Spiderman and Black Panther. While weak on plot, Civil War possesses a certain charm that is hard to resist.

The movie starts off with the heroes trying to decide whether or not the Avengers should be regulated by a higher authority; Iron Man is in favor of more restrictions, while Captain America believes that the team must maintain its autonomy. Tony Stark never plays by the rules, but a mother’s accusation of his part in her son’s death in the previous Avengers’ movie has him motivated to ensure no more civilians end up as casualties.

Though this movie was supposed to showcase Captain America, the show stealer is the new Spiderman. Played by Tom Holland, Peter Parker is discovered by Tony Stark, who needs Parker’s genius to counter Steve Roger’s efforts to save Bucky Barnes. Only a teenager, Spiderman proves to be a valuable asset, though the other heroes are annoyed by his attempts to gain Stark’s acceptance.

The Black Panther has an interesting backstory, but doesn’t seem to have much potential. After his father dies in a bombing, the Black Panther is swears to kill Bucky Barnes, who he believes is responsible.

The problem with Black Panther is that he is both a superhero and the king of his country. Who would have time for this?

The casting of the villain in this movie, Daniel Bruhl, is bizarre. After his family dies in Age of Ultron, he vindictively turns the Avengers against each other. It seems out of character for these superheroes to be susceptible to Bruhl’s manipulation.

Following a trend in recent superhero films, Civil War reveals details of Stark’s relationship with his parents.

T concept of the Avengers fighting each other is hilarious. The heroes like each other, so they never intend to hurt anyone too badly.

Out of all the Avengers, the Black Widow remains my personal favorite. After kicking butt and playing for both teams, she is seems to be the most intelligent hero and most loyal to her friends. She’s got it all – the brains, the brawn, and the good looks, all while risking her life.

The return of almost all the Avengers and their friends was a pleasant surprise, which made for fun, albeit troubling, situations. With the humor and action surpassing any previous Marvel movies, this installment is worthy of its top box-office status.