Frazier Family Welcomes Baby Boy

Andie Cohen, staff writer

Learning Skills teacher Kingsley Frazier, who has been on maternity leave since the end of the 1st semester, gave birth to a baby boy on January 22.

This is the 2nd time Ms. Frazier has been on maternity leave in her time at Campolindo. According to Frazier 2nd time around has been less stressful.

“I’m confident that everything will be well taken care of while I’m out, and that I’ll just get to enjoy the time with my family,” said Frazier. “Everything is taken care of at this point.”

Frazier is certainly not the 1st instructor to take time off to give birth and raise an infant.

“I’ve emailed with Ms. Frazier, because I’m just checking in on her and her new baby Clark, and she sounds like she’s really enjoying her time all together as a family,” history teacher and friend of Frazier Lindsay Webb-Peploe said.

Substitute teacher Brittany Randall is covering for Frazier during her absence. According to Frazier, Randall prepared for the planned long-term substitute position by first doing short-term substituting for Ranie Pearce, Frazier’s instructional assistant.  Those assignments allowed her to get to know the classroom routine as well as the students themselves.

While the absence of a teacher, particularly a Learning Skills instructor who works closely with a small group of students, can be disruptive, Frazier’s case load has been understanding. “I’m happy for her and the rest of her family; that baby is lucky to have Mrs. Frazier as a mom,” said sophomore Audrey Price.

It can also be difficult to fill the shoes of a teacher whose students hold her in such high regard. Fortunately, Randall seems to have navigated the transition well. “I was a bit nervous, but all of the teachers and administrators have been really helpful and the students have been great, so it’s going really good,” Randall said.