Wolff Earns Nearly a Million Viewers

Amy Chen, Staff Writer

Though you might not know it to look at him, Cameron Wolff hosts a popular YouTube channel.

Wolff creates stunning time lapse videos and informative iMovie tutorials that have racked up nearly a million views.

His channel boasts over 95 videos in total.

Wolff launched his channel in November 2011. He used iMovie video editing software to create the video projects. The projects were tutorials on how to use the iMovie software. When Wolff started, at the end of his 8th grade year, there were few other online resources for learning how to use the software..

Now, with 4,000 subscribers, Wolff continues to add content to his channel, though there are several competitors offering similar content, thus making it more challenging for him to stand out. “It is often very difficult to maintain posting new content on a schedule with the added stress of school work and studying,” he explained.

Other challenges include finding the time to learn about the newest additions to the frequently updated software. “It is hard to keep up with the constant updates of the program and learn it before I post my video,” he said.

While Wolff’s main priority is to post his tutorials before his competitors upload their own to the web, he also focuses on quality.

Running his own channel has given Wolff a new level of respect for internet personalities.

In addition to his detailed reviews and advice about the video editing the program, he sometimes posts time lapse videos as well. On vacations, such as Germany and Washington D.C. he offers his viewers a unique look at the world.