Rixton Offers Healing for Heartbreak

Mallory La Piana, Staff Writer

England-based Rixton released their first full-length album, Let the Road, on March 2, 2015. The band’s debut single “Me and My Broken Heart” went platinum in the U.S. and hit number 1 on the UK Singles chart.

Upon listening to Let the Road, I noticed that most of Rixton’s songs, while concerning the trauma of heartbreak, maintain upbeat background music that combats the depressing theme.

The album’s namesake song “Let the Road” is a piece written by the band in its earliest days. “We came up with ‘Let the Road’ years ago in a caravan in Danny’s back garden, when we were trying to make something happen with our music and nothing was working out,” said guitarist Jake Roche in an MTV interview.

I have to admit that I had much higher expectations for “Let the Road.” The album cover portrays a sense that the band members are disappointed in failed relationships, but listening to the song, I felt that the band members were much more cheerful about being free from their past relationships than they should be.

“We All Want the Same Thing,” another hit song, should have the honor of being the album’s main inspiration. It shows how 2 people both want to be together but are still feeling the pain of respective breakups. In the music video the couple ends up together, suggesting that a broken heart can heal.

Rixton concerts tickets have been selling like crazy. Prices range from $50 to $7oo dollars, the high price due to the fact that the band is touring with artist Ariana Grande. “We are getting ready to join Ariana Grande on her upcoming North American and European tours, and then head out as a supporting act for Ed Sheeran on his North American tour. It’s a huge honor to open for Ed,” said Roche to MTV.

Above all, I appreciate Rixton’s dedication to their fan base. The band maintains a blog where they write to their fans and post pictures from their tours. Reading their blog and looking at pictures, it’s clear that even though Rixton has been singing since 2012, they still feel blessed for making it this far.