Spring into Warm Weather Styles

Lexie Reinecke, Staff Writer

With spring just around the corner, the holidays are over, finals are a memory, and the weather is warming. Yet, many of us aren’t so quick to part with our beloved corduroys, jeans, and that favorite sweatshirt which took us through a whole week of study cramming.

Get over that winter sentimentality!

A new season has arrived, and there’s plenty of new styles to get excited about.

One of the biggest trends this season is pom-pom shorts. Featured on style sharing sites such as Polyvore and Pinterest, pom-pom shorts are hot. Also referred to as ‘festival shorts,’ they are typically vividly patterned in various bohemian prints, while solid colors are also available. Some of the most popular stores to buy them are the Etsy shops lcdesigns and MyFifiDesigns.

Another popular item is the infinity scarf. While also a staple in winter wardrobes, the looped accessories can be found in lightweight fabrics such as silk, cashmere mixes, and cotton. In both patterns and solid colors, teenagers and fashion blogger icons alike have taken to adding color to outfits with these scarves. A great place to find infinity scarves is Nordstrom, where they start at $28. Cheaper options can also be discovered at Forever 21.

As for shoes, simple sandals are like the riding boots of spring. With colorful prints and patterns dominating shirts, shorts and dresses, accessories and shoes have turned to blacks, whites, neutrals and metallics. From the steep price of $120 for a pair of Jack Rogers, to about $10 for neutral sandals at Forever 21, this is an easy addition to the wardrobe.

Bohemian style has also been featured in the accessories department with tassel bracelets. Inspired by buddhist prayer necklaces, the trendy bracelets also feature rows of round, symmetrical beads. While many options are available, the most common tassel bracelets feature monochromatic beads (black, white, gold or silver) and are tied with a brightly colored tassel. Some bracelets feature a few brightly colored beads in contrast to the black, white, gold or silver. The bracelets are usually worn stacked, especially with other accessories such as friendship bracelets. Tassel bracelets made of gray wood, in a wide variety of tassel colors, are available for $26 at Gold and Gray Jewelry.

While signet wrings and monograms have been around for centuries, “initial” jewelry has made a comeback this year. Celebrities such as Blake Lively, the Kardashians, Taylor Swift and Rihanna have been spotted sporting them, most popularly in the form of single letter initial necklaces. Initial necklaces make great gifts; they are both personal and easy to find.  Very trendy right now are delicate initial necklaces with circular pendants featuring a letter. Other options are rising in popularity, such as the classic monogram necklace or more modern name bar. Initial necklaces go for upwards of $125 at Tiffany’s, but less expensive options can be found on websites such as My Name Necklace.

You might not be ready to fold away your pullovers or boots, but by incorporating a few of these popular trends, you can begin to transition your cold weather wardrobe into great new outfits for spring.