Seniors Overcome Tight Quarters, Funky Music

Colette Wright, Design Editor

This year’s senior ball, themed “The Lights Go Down in the City,” was held in the Julia Morgan Ballroom on May 17, from 5:30pm-12:30 am

The ballroom included a dance floor, a casino, lounge, and dining tables. There was a live band and complimentary dinner was served. 

“I thought that the music was really nice while we were eating dinner, but I felt like as for the dancing, it was hard for me to dance to a band that played funk music,” said senior Anjali Bajaj.

“The food wasn’t bad at all, but the way it was organized was really difficult because the hall was already pretty small and trying to get around everybody was a mess. There was no organized lines and it was hard to get plates; you had to reach over people’s heads,” Bajaj added.

Bajaj attended with her friend Ishani Parkeh, a Miramonte student. “Ball is just a great way to spend time with friends, with or without a date. The point is to make good memories and you definitely don’t need a date for that,” she said.

Returning the favor, Bajaj went to Miramonte’s ball. “It was held in San Francisco City Hall which was where Campo’s ball has been in the past. I’m a little disappointed Campo couldn’t go to City Hall, but I had fun at both dances and I enjoyed seeing different types of people,” said Bajaj.

“I thought it was a lot better than prom. I enjoyed my night and my date was really awesome. I wish that we had a sit down dinner, but the food was really tasty,” said Emily Orwig. “I liked older music more than modern day music, it was a good change from the other dances it was more fun dancing,” Orwig added.

Senior Bailey Thomson had only positive things to say about the occasion. “Overall, ball was fun, the food was good, the live band was cool, and it was a nice change from the other dances we’ve had,” she said.

“My favorite part was dancing and going to the commons and taking pictures and seeing all the girls dressed up and the guys in tuxes,” said Orwig.