Retro Trends Spring Backward

Joan Harris and Emily Fong, Staff Writer and Co-News Editor

Trends We Love

Spring 2014 has sparked a series of pop-culture trends, specifically the return of indie bands, electronic dance music, and grungy punk-rock fashions. The fashion and music industry has turned the clock back, revitalizing the new millennium with the best and worst of the 90’s.

Arctic Monkeys  is an indie rock band that formed in 2002 and is slowly gaining popularity. Their newest album AM from 2013 includes the hit songs “Do I Wanna Know?” and “R U Mine”. The simple design on their album cover has become a symbol for the Arctic Monkeys and the “indie rock genre.”

E.D.M, short for electronic dance music, is a huge hit on sites like Soundcloud and Vine. E.D.M. has gained popularity through raves and music festivals like Coachella. Because of EDM, pop music has become more electronic. EDM is a progression from dubstep music, which was popular with Skrillex in 2012. Trance, dubstep, and house all fall under EDM. DJs like Steve Aoki have grown in popularity because of this new electro trend.

Floral prints and pastel nail colors and accessories are perfect for spring. The 90’s look and grungy style is resurfacing with ripped jeans, over-alls, denim jackets, band t-shirts and muscle t-shirts. Cropped tops, highrise pants and halter tops are also in this year.

Flower Crowns are popular in “artsy photos.” Body jewelry (a necklace that rests around the neck and the waist) gives a nice touch to an outfit. Converse high-tops are coming back.

Frozen is a great movie. Don’t be put off by the overplayed soundtrack. Let go of “Let It Go,” and go see it.

2048 is difficult, but unlike Flappy Bird, at least this game actually has a goal the player can accomplish.

Trends We Hate

For all of this year’s great trends, there are also some fads that conjure up memories of second-hand embarrassment and disappointment.

“Bae” has as much of a place in Lamorinda as the word “ratchet” does. By that, I mean, we collectively are not cool enough to pull it off as slang.

MAGCON & Vine guys got their 6 seconds of fame for no reason. When they actually try to be “funny,” they fall flat. Stop trying . It’s not working, and it never really has. The whole concept of social media fame is ideal for people peddling their “talent,” which unfortunately means that cute boys can say anything online and become idols for it.

Crocs are back, everybody! We really, really don’t care how comfortable they are. Sure, wear ’em if you want, but please don’t do it in public. What about Crocs hasn’t already been said? We, as a society, have put this matter to rest. Do not, under any circumstances, resurrect this disaster.

Native American Headdresses and grass skirts have become a staple of modern fashion culture, especially at large music festivals like Coachella and Lollapalooza. The problem is, the appropriation of one of America’s most repressed cultures for the sake of fashion is not only ignorant, it’s offensive. Concert goers, you can look cute and hip without making a mockery of someone’s culture.

Brandy Melville – Not to say that this brand isn’t fashionable. Its clothes look great! It’s just that everybody has the same collections in their closet now. It’s hard to go anywhere without seeing someone with that same top you bought yesterday.

Nike sandals are basically on par with Crocs. Nike sandals plus athletic socks? Dear God, help us.

#Selfie (The Selfie Song) – This song was never funny. It’s an assault on the world’s eardrums. I have no idea why someone hasn’t sued the creators for damages.