Masters Rewards Risky Play

Jack Moeller, Staff Writer

Last weekend, the Professional Golf Association (PGA) played at Agusta National, which is known as the Masters Tournament. The Masters is the 1st major tournament of the year, followed by the U.S. Open, the British Open, and then the PGA Championship.

The Master is an important “major” because it is a historical tournament and is played every year at Augusta National, ever since 1934.

The other majors are played at different courses every year, which are chosen by the head members of the PGA and the Royal Ancient Golf Club (R&A). Additionally, the winner of the Masters wins a green jacket, which is greatly coveted by every golfer. This prize is unique, because only the winners of the Masters have one.

The television ratings were down for the 2014 Masters, partly because Tiger Woods could not play due to injury. Also, Phil Mickelson missed the cut, which has not happened in 16 years.

Bubba Watson, who won the Masters in 2012, made the cut this weekend. Bubba Watson plays a risky style too. In the final round, Watson was behind 6 trees, and I thought that he was going to layup short of the water hazard. This would be the correct play, because he could still chip it onto the green, and make birdie on the par 5. However, he went through the trees, and rolled off the green. He still made par on the hole, but the risky shot was exciting.

The Augusta National rewards dangerous play. If a golfer can hit dangerous shots, the golf course will reward the player with a birdie or eagle.

Watson’s shot reminded me of Mickelson’s shot behind a tree in 2010. Both shots were risky, but were pulled off.

In the final round, the favorites were Watson and Jordan Spieth. Watson won his first green jacket in 2012, and this was Spieth’s first time playing in the Masters.

Spieth missed a few short putts, which is unusual for him. It looked like Spieth was nervous during this round. In the end, Watson won the his second green jacket.

The Masters was everything that I hoped for this year. 

I am glad that Watson won, because he is a great player, and even a better person. The 2014 Masters was an amazing tournament, and lived up to the hype.