Awkward Moment Disappointing

Aly Fosbury, Staff Writer

Tom Gormican’s That Awkward Moment, a combination of unsentimental romance and trashy comedy, debuted in theaters on January 31.

The opening scene of That Awkward Moment shows Jason, played by Zac Efron, sitting on a park bench, contemplating the awkward “so what” moment in relationships. This is actually the ending of the movie.

After Jason explains why he is parked  on the bench, freezing, he realizes that he must recall the series of events that led up to him waiting in the park for over 3 hours.

A couple of months prior to the scene in the park, Jason and his two best friends make a pact not to fall in love, but all three fail to keep that promise.

Jason falls in love with Ellie, a girl he meets at the bar. Daniel discovers that he loves his best friend Chelsea. Mikey secretly spends time with his ex-wife, who recently divorced him.

Each character slowly realizes the importance of love and relationships, and becomes a better person.

When the first scene begins, the movie seems like a promising and heartfelt comedy, but as the story progresses it spirals downward, ending up confusing and most definitely awkward. It turns out to be the classic boy chases girl movie, with a little twist.

“It takes a drastic downward turn toward comedic Hades and becomes a total garbage party,” Bob Grimm from said.

I understand it is an adult comedy, but the raunchy scenes, inappropriate jokes, and nudity is uncomfortable. The movie is rated R, which should be a signal that there will be a few uncomfortable moments.

The romance seems to lack a natural chemistry. The relationships between the three main characters feel  forced. It looks as though the actors do not know each other. “A cast of exceptionally appealing performers and some very funny lines are not enough to make this raunchy comedy overcome its essential charmlessness,” Nell Minow from said.

“One of the most disappointing films I’ve screened this year,” Melissa Frost from said. “That Awkward Moment does little to entertain it’s audience.” Frost said.

The story is completely predictable, making the movie pointless and boring. Even the star-filled cast can’t make this movie worth watching.

Compared to romantic comedies such as Clueless and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, That Awkward Moment is a dud. On the bright side, the characters all learn the true meaning of love and stop viewing girls as objects.

The talented cast is wasted on an attempt to mix sentimental romance with trashy humor.