Lego Movie Absurdly Good

Emily Fong, Co-News Editor

The Lego Movie, a joint production between American, Australian, and Danish film studios, hit the box office on February 7.

The film stars a plethora of  movie industry big names such as Morgan Freeman, Liam Neeson, Will Arnett, and Chris Pratt. The story follows the journey of Emmett Brickowski, an average Lego figure who ends up becoming a “Master Builder” and saving the Lego Universe from the super villain Lord Business.

I will admit, I was hesitant to see this film. There is absolutely nothing about me that screams Lego Movie. I wrote off the film as juvenile garbage, a gigantic marketing scheme targeted at kids far below my age.
Man, was I wrong.
My friend mentioned he was going to see The Lego Movie. I asked him why he would want to see a kids film, and was informed that it boasted a star-studded cast and had a 96% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes.
I was dumbstruck. Now I had to see it.
It is safe to say that I was blown away by the entire film.
The animation was  beautiful. Every little detail, from the lighting effects to water made out of Lego pieces, was thoughtfully executed to produce an amazing visual experience.
Chris Pratt does a great job at voicing the always-excited Emmett. Will Arnett once again delivers punchlines with his trademark deadpan, and Morgan Freeman’s contribution is an unexpected addition to an already fantastic voice team.
Though the story starts out like another wishy-washy “just be yourself” comedy, The Lego Movie manages to slam-dunk joke after absurd joke with a straight face.
Yet underneath its silly exterior, the film leaves its audience with a truly optimistic and heartfelt message. If I were to rate this film out of 5, I’d have to give it at least a 10.
Go see this movie.