Mars Vintage Clothing Must


Mars Mercantile is a must in Berkeley.

Emily Fong, Co-News Editor

For fans of hard-to-find vintage styles, Mars Mercantile in Berkeley is a must. Located at the corner of Telegraph and Durant, the store has a huge selection of retro to modern clothing.

The store has two separate floors for men’s and women’s clothing, respectively. The women’s section is particularly well-stocked. My favorite area of the store is situated on the upper floor and contains several racks of dresses. The racks are sorted by decade, and it is, amazingly, great fun to explore the shift in American culture and fashion tastes through the years.

Of course, the absolute best thing to do in vintage thrift stores is sift through the terribly hilarious outfits.

From leather cocktail dresses to skirts made entirely of spiked ornaments, there is tremendous entertainment value in browsing their racks. Even if vintage is not your favorite style, spending a few hours with friends in Mars will prove worthwhile.

One of the most practical sections of Mars is the skirt section. There a shopper can find excellent pencil skirts and business attire for cheap, though it is hard to find skirts larger than 30 inches.

The biggest issue with thrift shopping in general is finding the right size.

But even if your search is fruitless, you can end your day by having a meal at one of the many restaurants nearby. Mars’ location, tucked away on Telegraph, is prime for additional browsing along the street. It is right next to Cream and The Melt, and a short distance away from my other favorite store, Amoeba Music.