Parents Photograph Fall Sports

Aly Fosbury, Staff Writer

During the 2013 fall sports season, many athlete’s parents have invested time acting as team photographers.

Teacher Tina Mayer and her husband David Mayer, both huge supporters of water polo, gave the girls’ varsity team a special gift at the end of the season in the form of commemorative photos. “We are big water polo fans. He knows how much I enjoy it,” Mayer explained. “He is quite a good photographer and enjoys taking photos,” she said of her husband.

The photos taken by David Mayer include each of the girls getting their medals as well as some candid shots. In the end, there were a total of at least 50 photos. During the water polo lunch, Tina Mayer spread out all of the photos on her desk and allowed each of the girls to choose those they wished to keep.

Freshman Kari Jensen enjoyed receiving pictures from Mayer at the water polo lunch. “It’s nice to keep photos from my first NCS,” she said. All of the girls were able to choose any photo they wanted, as long as they were also in the picture. Jensen’s favorite photo is of her and her team lined up listening to their coaches.

Cross Country parent Steve Leach spent a considerable amount of time taking photos at each of the team’s competitions during the fall. His daughter, junior Bridgie Leach, ran for the varsity team. “Photographing the races gives me an excuse to get closer to the action and I like sharing the photos with the other runners and their parents,” Steve Leach said.

Although none of his photos are printed, Steve Leach has added many of his pictures onto online albums for other parents and students to see and posted links on the team’s Facebook page.

Steve Leach has been taking photos as a hobby since he was a teenager. He accumulated about 5,000 photos throughout the entire season. He managed to make it to every meet except for one DFAL meet while his daughter was injured. “I especially liked photographing the Roughrider meet in Fresno and the Stanford invitational meet in Palo Alto,” Leach said.

“He really likes taking photos,” Brighie Leach said.

Freshman Josie Cole’s father also took photos of the varsity girls’ volleyball team. “It’s his hobby. He does that for all my sports,” Cole said.

Brett Cole took photos at all of the volleyball events he attended. “All of the home games, most of the away games, pre-season scrimmage games, and weekend tournaments,” he said. “I feel relatively pleased with them. It is tough to get really good photos, because the lighting in the gyms are dark,” Cole said.