Frozen Fine Holiday Film

Sarada Symonds, Editor-in-Chief

Disney’s newest animated film Frozen premiered in theaters on November 27. While it is aimed at young audiences, I found it to be entertaining due to the well-written script, the great animation and catchy soundtrack.

The plot is loosely based on Hans Christian Anderson’s folktale “The Snow Queen,” but the tale was altered by introducing new characters and changing the plot. Disney’s version centers around two sisters, Elsa and Anna, who live in the kingdom of Arrandale. Elsa, who was born with the power to control ice, accidently hurts Anna, which causes Elsa to isolate herself to protect others.

Elsa initiates an “eternal winter” after an argument with her sister and flees to the mountains. Aided by an icemaker named Kristoff, his reindeer Sven, and a snowman named Olaf, Anna sets off after her in an attempt convince Elsa to come back and unfreeze the kingdom.

The story is great simply because it is different from other Disney films. Although it focuses on themes meant for children (love and family are the most important things, be yourself) it approaches it in an entirely unique way, turning one of the protagonists, Elsa, into somewhat of a villain, creating a complex and interesting character.

Furthermore, the other characters also bring life to the film with their faults. Anna is portrayed as naïve as the film pokes fun at the notion of “love at first sight.” Olaf, the snowman, wants to experience summer, unaware that he’ll melt when it gets hot. Kristoff is a loner who was raised by troll and talks to himself. It is this colorful cast that really brings the movie to life, as anyone can laugh at the well-written quips.

There are 9 original songs to accompany the feature, including a performance by Tony-award winning Idina Menzel (Wicked), who gives voice to Elsa.

The animation is lovely. The snow is wonderfully drawn, and the scenes are beautiful and detailed. The amount of detail used for each individual snowflake is impressive, and the action looks realistic.

This is a fun film particularly apt for the winter holiday season. I loved the silliness, which reminded me of the films from my childhood.

Fans of Tangled will love this new film that follows in the Disney tradition.