Twins Host Web Games

Joan Harris, Staff Writer

Campo is the home of two entrepreneurs on the rise.

In 2005, junior twins Michael and Cary Huang created their own gaming website,, and a YouTube animated series.

Their site includes homemade games such as Cube Roll, No Walking, No Problem, and Racing Extreme. Some games on the site include multiplayer settings.

According to the Huangs, they created their games and website for fun. “We didn’t really have a monetary goal or something in that sort of realm. It was all just something fun and interesting. We kept doing it. We had a product, and we put it online,” Michael Huang explained.

Both believe that the hardest part of making the games was coding. They worked with ActionScript, the programming that Flash uses. “It’s not that complicated, but it’s definitely inconsistent,” Michael Huang said.

The brothers also created an animated series called “Battle for Dream Island” (BFGI), which they posted on YouTube. The game is about twenty characters fighting for an island. Michael Huang drew the animations, but they were based on his brother’s comics. They used Adobe Flash to make the cartoons. “BFGI was probably more work thank all of the games combined,” Cary Huang said. “In the beginning, the animation was simpler. Now 6 hours of animating goes into 1 minute so a 10 minute episode would be 60 hours,” he explained.

Upon entering high school, the brothers have not had as much time to focus on their website. “I think in 6th grade I had more time and we might put up a game every few weeks,” Cary Huang said.

They don’t think that video game designing is something they want to do in the future. “I kind of like being able to control everything in a game, like you know if you work for a big video gaming company you only get to make a tiny slice of the entire game. Maybe more indie games,” Cary Huang said

Both agreed that if they had the time, they would make the website again.