Stop Motion Illustrates Cells

Michael Navruzyan, Staff Writery

Students in Biotechnology participated in a stop motion project from September 26 to October 7. According to Biotech teacher Jay Chugh, the purpose of the project was to help the students learn about cells in a new and creative way.

Students in Biotech created a stop motion video with clay or by using images on a whiteboard, taking photos of each little movement and then putting it all together. “Stop motion is a project that allows you to use claymation. Students use video to explain how the cell works and they animate the process,” said Chugh.

According to senior Ashley Bernardo, the class has been working on creating a story about cells and mitosis in class. The project will be due October 7. The students will then show their projects to the class and provide a short explanation of the video.

Bernardo enjoyed the project. “I think it’s a great way for the students to explore cells and the way they work,” she said. Senior Sabrina Wong seconds this. “You get to work with friends and use your creativity in a fun project,” she explained.

Stop motion film techniques were first introduced in 1897 and have had a popular history. Two popular movies that use the technique are “Wallace and Gromit” and “The Fantastic Mr. Fox.”

Chugh believes that the stop motion project is beneficial to students, as it is both entertaining and instructive . “Biotech is fun in itself and doing stop motion is really enjoyed by the kids. They understand the material better than usual. It’s definitely one of the more fun things I get to teach in Biotech,” he said.