Halloween Adventure Hardly Fun-Size


The stars of the new Nickelodeon movie “Fun Size” on their crazy Halloween adventure

Jessi Gunn, Staff Writer

Nickelodeon grows up with its new Halloween comedy, Fun Size.

This movie is a hilarious adventure where studious high school senior Wren (Victoria Justice) works together with her best friends April (Jane Levy), Peng (Osric Chau) and Roosevelt (Thomas Mann) to look for her adventurous younger brother, Albert (Jackson Nicoll) while he runs wild on Halloween.

However, the film is also a heart-warming story of a brother and sister navigating their first Halloween together.

Despite the child-friendly Nickelodeon label, this film is surprisingly grown up, targeting a PG-13 audience. With its clever innuendo, suggestive costume choices and teen romance, this film is sure to bridge the gap between younger and older viewers. This film also features talk show host Chelsea Handler, notorious for her crude and witty sense of humor, and a cameo from Jackass star, Johnny Knoxville.

Fun Size really did not pay off at the box office, considering its budget of 14 million, and only a 4 million pay off during the first weekend. Critics have not given this movie the best of reviews either; according to Rotten Tomatoes, “It occasionally shows surprising flashes of wit, but Fun Size is too safe and formulaic — not to mention unfunny — to survive comparisons to the 80s teen movies it eagerly imitates.”

Despite the more “mature” rating, it is definitely for younger audiences. To be honest, this movie came across as immature and not as funny as I had hoped. The acting was sub-par and honestly, the crazy adventure is not as wild as I would have hoped.

Overall, it did not meet my expectations.