Boomer Excitement Building

Cathie Gastelum, Photo Editor

Each year, seniors embrace annual traditions to commemorate the end of the school year. Going to Boomers amusement park is one of the most beloved of traditions.

Senior Michael Sitkin is especially enthusiastic about preserving this tradition. He said, “I think it’s a really cool thing that we get to come together and give the senior experience a last hurrah.”

According to Sitkin, it’s important because it is”Doing something new to most of us, and just getting to completely cut loose for a day.”

Melissa McCue said, “Boomers is going to be sick!” According to McCue, the best part of Boomers is that, “You get free food and there are [lots of] rides.”

Leadership teacher Dino Petrocco said the park is “a really nice set up. Kids have a good time.”

Petrocco also enjoys the fact that parents bring in Morucci’s sandwiches for the students. “There is more than enough,” Petrocco said.

The trip to Boomers, according to Petrocco, began when the administration’s enjoyment of Six Flags Marine World, now Discovery Kingdom, faltered. “We used to go to Marine World,” Petrocco said “and that was a dreadful experience.”  Boomers is far superior, Petrocco explained, because “Boomers is self contained; it’s just our school.”

Excitement for this year’s trip is building among the senior class. “I would much rather play mini golf than spend another minute with Mr. Donohoe,” Sitkin joked.