New Chamber Choir Selected

Mariana Aguirre, Staff Writer

Who doesn’t remember the awe and admiration inspired in our preteen hearts when Campo’s Chamber Choir came to sing at our middle schools? Most students were inspired enough to sing between classes for the rest of the week, but few pursue musical passion enough to sing in high school; or possess talent enough to sing in Chamber Choir when they come of age. But this year, numerous young freshman filled with hopes of a Capella glory have tried out for Chamber; and made it.

The choir of 2012/2013 will see many new faces; “There are over twenty people graduating,” said new choir teacher Roberts.

He has sifted through over seventy applicants for a class of twenty-seven. The rigorous process included a tw0-part interview; an individual performance, and then “singing in a cooperative setting.” Working together is an integral part of choir; junior Marie Martin, returning Chamber vet, asserted that “we all need to work together; it’s really not about any one person sticking out.”

Freshman Alex Wilson, admitted to Chamber for his upcoming sophomore year, agreed that the group dynamic is crucial. “I wasn’t enjoying Men’s Ensemble… we were making jokes, getting off topic.” Chamber promises to be different: “Mr. Roberts focuses on us as a group. He expects us to maintain a certain level of behavior.”

The next year has much more in store than a younger choir; they are planning to fly to New York City next spring to “visit Carnegie Hall, meet Broadway directors, other conductors.”

“It’s going to be fantastic,” said Wilson. “It’s invitational…But we’re excited,” Roberts added.

As for actually getting into Chamber Choir, Wilson said only this: “You need to believe in yourself. Once you think ‘I could do this,’ you just need to push yourself to say ‘I can do this.'”