Story Telling Suffers with 3D Movie Fad

Scott Fox, Staff Writer

The movie industry has been taken over by 3D hype.  It seems another 3D movie comes out every week.

I think 3D is just an excuse for releasing poorly made movies, although I must admit there are a few exceptions to every rule. Avatar in 3D was one of the best movies I have ever seen, because it combined a good storyline with awesome visual effects.

But in most cases, 3D directors seem preoccupied with  making an eye-pleasing movie rather than developing a good story. In addition, most of the 3D effects in movies are not well used. Filmmakers use special effects in random places just so they can advertise a 3D movie and make more money.

I’m not the only one disappointed with the latest 3D fad. Senior Annelise Ito said, “I think 3D movies in general are a waste of money,” adding, “They hurt my eyes.” Sophmore Phoebe Davis said, ” I don’t like 3D movies. Some are good, but most are bad.”

The worst part of this new trend is the re-releasing of movies. Titanic, the second highest grossing movie of all time, originally released in 1997, was recently re-released in 3D.  Hollywood’s attempts to suck all the money they possibly can out of this movie disgusts me. Freshman Kelly Wirth agrees.  She said, “I liked the original Titanic, but the 3D made the movie worse.”