This Means War is Mediocre at Best

Scott Fox, Staff Writer

This Means War, starring Reese Witherspoon, Chris Pine, and Tom Hardy, premiered two weeks ago. In its opening weekend This Means War brought in $17.5 million.

The movie was mediocre.

It follows a woman who is depressed over an ex-boyfriend who has recently become engaged. When two best friends, who are also CIA agents,  find out they are both trying to date her, they end up making a competition out of winning her affections.

Lauren, played by Witherspoon, is forced to choose between them. To help their case, FDR, played by  Pine, and Tuck, played by  Hardy, use any means necessary. Wire-tapping, home surveillance, and sabotage are all fair game. But predictably, things get out of control.

The acting in the movie was average. At no point was I impressed. Some parts were entertaining, but most were sub-par.  Fellow movie goer Tyler Petite said, “The acting was okay. Reese Witherspoon was easily the best.”

The storyline was essentially the same as most “chick flicks.” The twists included the men’s access to high-tech spying equipment to compete with each other.

Brad Rabano said, “Overall I didn’t really like the movie.”

This movie is a rehashed cliche with a few twists. Add the sub-par acting and this movie was mediocre at best. I would give it a five out of ten.