Mac Miller’s Debut Short of Potential

Matt Klein, Staff Writer

Up-and-coming Pittsburgh rapper Mac Miller released his debut album titled Blue Slide Park on November 8. Although it is Miller’s first album, his work received mixed reviews, and does not represent his full potential.

Miller’s rise to notoriety has been impressive. Even though Blue Slide Park is his debut album, Miller is already one of the business’s most anticipated new rappers.

Quickly gaining notoriety off mix-tape success, Miller has risen to the challenge of becoming the next big white rapper. While Blue Slide Park doesn’t do anything to damage his status, it doesn’t do much to raise it either.

Although it did debut at #1 on iTunes as well as #1 on Billboard 200 charts, it fell quickly. During some parts of the album, Miller is on his game. His classic style and his raspy voice, are his signatures in songs such as “Party on 5th Ave” and “Frick Park Market.” However, there are also times on the album where Miller is heard dropping repetitive lines that do not distinguish him from anyone else.

Unless you are a huge Miller fan, there is another thing about Blue Slide Park that greatly detracts from its greatness. Throughout the entirety of the 16-song album, Miller’s voice is the only one that can be heard. He did not feature anyone else in the album, which is extremely rare, even for debut albums. Features are what usually keep fans interested and coming back, and by not including any on Blue Slide Park, Miller took a big risk.

Although Blue Slide Park can be seen as a solid debut for the young rapper, it is not going to be the album that really makes his breakthrough.