Mix it Up Week: Monday


Mary Orders

Mix it up week started on Monday with the bean bag toss. This game and the others conducted throughout the week were used to bring lunchtime activities out of the quad and into other areas of the campus in an effort to reach out to the entire student body.

The leadership teacher, Dino Petrocco said the idea to “mix it up” was hatched by a student a few years ago. This year’s leadership students came up with the activites and how they would be implemented.

Junior leadership officer Hadley Swanson said, “Mix it up week is basically something that [leadership] is doing to show that we’re not all oriented in one place.”

During the bean bag toss students received lollipops for their participation.  Junior Brian Lee said the week of activities “adds something new to everyday life and it integrates the school.”

Mix it up week was intended to have students cross their social boundaries. ASB president Leith Ramatala said the goal of this week was “to include everyone in the school.”