Youth-Run Advisory Committees Join Forces

Mariana Aguirre, Staff Writer

Cooperation among leaders is a phenomenon hard to come by nowadays, but its rare manifestation is evident in local city youth councils.

Students participating in advisory committees from Moraga, Lafayette, and Orinda are collaborating once again, leading to hope for tri-city events and general amity.

The three youth committees allied last year, since leading to sharing of volunteers during Halloween events or Fourth of July pancake breakfasts.

The committees also provide volunteer and leadership opportunities for participating students.

First-year member Nora Mohamed explained, “ We’re thinking of going to a soup kitchen and beach clean-up soon.” Senior Jen Kuckuk added, “It’s good experience in government.”

Last year, the committees strove to initiate a tri-city dance at the New Rheem Theatre for Miramonte, Acalanes, and Campolindo students.

“But we didn’t sell enough tickets,” lamented Kuckuk. “We’re planning for some big event by the end of the school year,” she mysteriously concluded.

The Youth Organizations are currently plotting to introduce Lamorinda to more student dances and even a “Battle of the Bands.”

Kimberly Nelson, Moraga Recreation and Facilities Coordinator and also facilitator of Moraga Youth Organization, says that she feels “the cooperation and meetings did really well.”

Nelson also promotes idea interchange: “It’s good to hear what the others have to say.”

The three youth-led committees hope to plan more tri-city events in the future for teens.